The Ice Cream Tradition Continues at the Yoho General Store

Ice cream, that tasty, refreshing summertime treat is a tradition at the Yoho General Store. And for many who visit the store today, that first taste of an ice cream cone brings back a memory or two of Cotton, Pearl, Donnie or Lavon Yoho reaching into that old ice cream freezer and scooping out a dip or two of butter pecan, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or whatever ice cream flavor was available that day.

“I always love to hear how people, who are older than I am, come in and tell me about how their grandparents brought them to the store in the back of a pickup truck for ice cream,” said Renee Jones, the manager of the Yoho General Store. “Back then you could have kids ride in the back of the truck. Makes me want to be like that again.”

In addition to visiting the Yoho General Store in the back of a pickup truck, local Solsberry children would ride their bikes or walk to the Yoho General Store for an ice cream cone.

“I grew up just a few houses away from the Yoho General Store. I remember riding my bike up the hill with my sister when we were very young with a dime or two in our pockets for an ice cream cone. Chocolate was my favorite back then. Today it’s cookie dough, but butter pecan runs a close second,” said former Solsberry resident Kris Yoho.

Today, children of all ages are reminiscing and making new memories of the Yoho General Store.

“We used to hear stories all of the time about the Yohos and the ice cream, but now we are starting to get a new generation of people who are making new memories,” said Renee.

About 1,300 new memories may have been made during this month’s Fourth of July holiday weekend. The Eastern Fire Department’s 25th annual fireworks show on July 3 brought thousands of visitors to Solsberry and many of them found their way to the Yoho General Store. On Wednesday, the day of the fireworks show, approximately 960 cones were sold and another 350 cones were sold throughout the weekend. By the end of the weekend, approximately 434 gallons of ice cream were sold!

During a “regular” week, about 18 gallons of hard ice cream is sold along with 2–5 gallons of soft serve ice cream. Butter pecan, peanut butter and cookie dough are the most popular ice cream flavors and a hand-dipped cone is the preferred way of eating ice cream at the Yoho General Store.

So this summer, come try this popular and tasty treat at the Yoho General Store and make an ice cream memory or two of your own. We (almost) guarantee that you will leave with a smile on your face and the words of that old children’s rhyme echoing in your head:

“I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream…”