A Community Project – Refinishing the Yoho General Store’s Tabletops

The idea to refinish the store’s tabletops first surfaced in August 2016, but it took some time to get it off the ground like many ideas. In late 2017, the idea re-emerged as a proposal for a community project. After devising a plan for the project, in April of 2018, the Yoho General Store presented the unique project to the Solsberry community and the Yoho General Store’s followers on social media.

In April of 2019, the store reached out again to heighten the excitement and participation of the community project. Near the end of 2019, two tables were built to accommodate larger groups. Both tables are 6 ft x 3 ft and sit up to 6 people. With the new inspiration on the floor, the store finally collected enough photographs for the first tabletop design.

First tabletop design.

By December 2019, the first tabletop design was unveiled. Larry Shute, the town’s historian from the mid-1960s up until he passed away in March of 2021, was a primary contributor. Larry spent a lifetime building a collection of photos that portrayed life in Solsberry. During the first tabletop unveiling, Larry reminisced about some of the photos on display.

Many community members, including visitors, have greatly enjoyed viewing the images during their visit to the store. Jim Murphy, President of CFC Properties, said from the beginning of the community project, that “the photos are a great conversation starter and a walk down memory lane.”

Megan Hood, former Yoho Store Manager, shared, “I think it’s pretty neat seeing people’s faces light up when they see the first refinished tabletop! They comment on how nice it looks and how visiting the store, of course, brings them back in time. It helps them tell stories to their families about things and events they remember by looking at the tables! It may not even pertain to the table, but it sparks a memory! It’s a nice history lesson for kids and adults!”

The second tabletop design was completed in August of 2020.
Second tabletop design.

After the unveiling of the first tabletop, more people were excited to share photos and stories. Because of their willingness to share, the store was proud to unveil the second tabletop design on August 11, 2020. The second design was installed on the remaining large table. 

Unveiling the second tabletop design. 

Many community members, including Lavon Yoho, donated many images to help make the second tabletop design possible.

On October 26, 2021, the third tabletop design unveiled a theme of classic vehicles. It is the first of ten small tabletops to be completed.

Third tabletop design.

The next tabletop theme will be comprised of Yoho ice cream photos – supporting the store’s most treasured tradition! If you’d like to contribute to the community tabletop project, start going through your albums. Any, and all, Yoho ice cream photos are welcome! Photos can be of Yoho ice cream, people eating Yoho ice cream, anything related to Yoho ice cream, etc.

Photos should be emailed to YohoGeneralStore@CFCproperties.com by January 31, 2022. Please include the following information below (numbers 1 – 6). Before submitting any photos, please read the scanning requirements and the photo release statement displayed below.

  1. Name(s) (if people are present in the photo)
  2. Flavor of ice cream
  3. Year photo was taken
  4. Name of the person who took the photograph
  5. Name of the person who is submitting the photograph (this will be listed as the “Courtesy of” line)
  6. Short description (optional, but encouraged)

If you cannot email your photos, a secondary option is to drop them off at the Yoho General Store. Paul Wagoner, Yoho Store Manager, will scan and email your photos for you.

Thank you to everyone in advance for helping with this amazing community project. We look forward to receiving your photos soon so we can complete the next tabletop design!

Stay tuned for more to come!

Scanning Requirements
The dot per inch (dpi) must be set to 300dpi for printing requirements. This helps ensure the photo can be enlarged as needed and will print as clearly as possible.

Photo Release Statement
By submitting photos, you grant certain rights to CFC Properties, a Bloomington, Indiana property management and development company:

CFC Properties will have an unrestricted right to reproduce photographs taken by me, provided by me, taken of me, or statements given by me, for the purpose of publication, promotion, illustration, and advertising in any manner or medium, to include, but not limited to, social media, or print advertising such as brochures, newspapers, newsletters, or other such material.

I hereby release CFC Properties, its successors or assigns, from any and all claims and liability relating to said images or statements.

This consent also serves to waive all rights to privacy or compensation. I will make no monetary claim against CFC Properties for the use of my images or statements.

I have the right to request, in writing to CFC Properties, that promotions be stopped.  Such requests will be reasonably considered. Correspondence should be mailed to P.O. Box 729 Bloomington, IN  47402.

This release shall be governed by the laws of the State of Indiana.