Made in House

As the seasons change, so do our dishes. Our specials are made fresh in-house and rotate on a weekly basis. Our goal is to use as many locally sourced goods as possible when creating our dishes to provide the best flavors.  Since our specials are made the day of, they are limited and are available from 11am until they are sold out. 

Our cooks are amazing, and from time to time, they enjoy creating new dishes. So, while we display our typical rotating specials listed below, you may come across something new and exciting that hasn’t been added to our standard specials list!

Every year, our cooks whip up three outstanding annual meals; the annual Valentine’s Day meal, the Thanksgiving meal, and the Holiday meal. We have had visitors drive across state lines just to partake in these delicious dishes. We promise you won’t want to miss our annual holiday meals or the seasonal pies at the Yoho General Store! 

Our Rotating Monthly Specials

Our specials rotate month to month. Due to available products, our specials may change on occasion without notice. View our current monthly specials here.