Fork and a spoon laid over each other making an "X" shape followed by the caption, "Specials are limited, and are served from 11am until they are gone!"


Baa Baa Bacon Onion Burger – an all-beef patty topped with a slice of provolone cheese, maple bacon onion jam, and a hint of goat cheese. It’s sweet, it’s tangy, and just warm enough to welcome your taste buds to Fall in Southern Indiana. Available September 1 – 30, 2022, only.

WEEKLY SPECIALS (available September 6 – 29)
– Chicken n’ noodles with a generous scoop of mashed potatoes and the vegetable of the day.

WED – Roast beef manhattan with slices of roast beef laid over white bread topped with mashed potatoes, all generously covered in brown gravy, and a side of the vegetable of the day.

THU – Our popular homemade meatloaf with freshly made cornbread and your choice of a deli side.

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