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Three unique sculptures found at the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum.

Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum

6764 North Tree Farm Road · Solsberry, IN 47459

Founded in 2002, the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum is deep in the woods amongst the rolling hills of Solsberry. Proudly displaying over 100 large-scale sculptures by artists from around the world, the Sculpture Trails continue to evolve, offering new displays of creative work. For those who have difficulty walking, scheduled guided tours on a golf cart are available.

The museum also offers a number of sculpture workshops and career development opportunities for artists throughout the year.

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Photos depict artists pouring aluminum, another artist welding artwork, and three additional artists pouring molten hot aluminum at night with sparks flying.

Local chatter suggests these annual events:

Blacksmith Workshops

Tails & Trails Dog Days

Annual Aluminum Pour

Annual Fire@Nite

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