Collage of three old cream photos before the Yoho General Store was renovated. The first photo displays an old ice cream flavor sign provided by the Holland Ice Cream company. The second photo shows a boy lifting the door to the old ice cream case. The third photo shows the same boy holding his ice cream cone standing next to one of the previous store owners, Donny Yoho.

The Ice Cream Tradition

Ice cream, that tasty, refreshing summertime treat is a tradition at the Yoho General Store. And for many who visit the store today, the first taste of an ice cream cone brings back a memory or two of Cotton, Pearl, Donnie, or Lavon Yoho reaching into the old ice cream freezer scooping out a dip or two of butter pecan, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or whatever ice cream flavor was available that day.

“I always love to hear how people, who are older than I am, come in and tell me about how their grandparents brought them to the store in the back of a pickup truck for ice cream,” said Renee Jones, manager of the Yoho General Store. “Back then, you could have kids ride in the back of the truck. Makes me want to be like that again.”

In addition to visiting the Yoho General Store in the back of a pickup truck, local children would ride their bicycles, skip, or walk to the Yoho General Store for an ice cream cone.

Left to right, bright ice cream container flavors: Superman, Strawberry, and Butter Pecan.

“I grew up just a few houses away from the Yoho General Store. I remember riding my bike up the hill with my sister when we were young with a dime or two in our pockets for an ice cream cone. Chocolate was my favorite back then. Today, it’s cookie dough, but butter pecan runs a close second,” said Kris Yoho, former Solsberry resident.

Today, children of all ages are reminiscing and making new memories of the Yoho General Store.

“We used to hear stories all the time about the Yoho’s and the ice cream, but now we are starting to get a new generation of people who are making new memories,” said Renee.

Following the grand opening on July 3, 2013, The Eastern Fire Department had the annual fireworks show attracting thousands of spectators to Solsberry. It was estimated that 960 ice cream cones were sold that day and an additional 350 cones were sold over the course of the weekend – 434 gallons of ice cream was enjoyed that weekend!

During a “regular” week, about 20-25 gallons of ice cream is sold, plus another 2 gallons of soft serve. There are eight flavors of ice cream to choose from, however, butter pecan, mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough are the top three requested.

This summer, come try the popular, tasty treat at the Yoho General Store and make an ice cream memory or two of your own. It’ll leave a smile on your face and you’ll hear the words of that old children’s rhyme echoing in your head – “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”